Virtual Reality Apps by Google That You Should Use

Virtual Reality Apps by Google
The simulated experience which is similar to the real world or it is different from the real world is known as virtual reality. Lots of virtual reality apps are available on the internet and we can use these virtual reality apps either for educational purposes or for entertainment purposes. Other technologies which are similar to the virtual reality are augmented reality or mixed reality. Different kinds of virtual reality equipment are also available. After using virtual reality equipment, it is possible for a person to look around the artificial world. Google has developed lots of virtual reality apps. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss virtual reality apps by Google that you should use.

Google Cardboard:
Google is offering and creating the VR experience for the users on the android. People can easily get VR headset of Google and after correctly setting this headset, it is easy for the people to enjoy the basic features of the virtual reality. After that, you should download such videos which are supported by cardboard. It is also necessary for the people to load the VR videos and to enjoy the 3D demonstrations of these videos. If you really want to enjoy the virtual reality experience, it is necessary for you to buy the best Google Cardboard headset.

YouTube VR:
As we know that YouTube is providing the world’s largest video sharing platform to the people and it is also a product of Google. Therefore, we don’t need to introduce YouTube to you. YouTube is also providing its VR ads-on android app for the users. With the introduction of this app, YouTube is trying to introduce the VR playback. You just need to download this app on your android phone and you can enjoy the cinematic view of your favourite YouTube videos on this app. The most essential quality of this app is that it has the ability to work with all the Android-Supported VR headsets.

Google Daydream:
After the Cardboard experiment, Google has also introduced its second VR app. Google Daydream app is freely available for the users but if you want to use this app, you should have Daydream supported phone along with Daydream headset. With the help of this app, it is easy for you to find out the Daydream supported content and it is also easy for you to find out the VR videos. While using this app on your Daydream android phone, you should try to configure your headset correctly.

Fulldive VR:
Some people try to look for the VR app which has the ability to browse everything from the web browser to the photo storage. They can get all of these facilities just by installing Fulldive VR app in their android phones. Another quality of this app is that it has VR store and on this VR store, hundreds of other VR-apps are also available. You can also download these apps according to your needs and requirements. This app has also its VR camera. With the help of this camera, it will be easy for you to take 360-degree photos. This app also allows you to enjoy millions of YouTube videos in the VR format. You can easily install this free app in any Android-capable headset.

InCell VR:
Lots of people are interested in playing games in the VR format. For them, InCell VR is the best choice. Its reason is that it is an educational-based game in the VR format and by playing this game, it will be easy for you to learn about different parts of the human body. While playing this game, the player has to play the role of the human defender. It means that he has to save the body from different diseases like flu. Moreover, he will also learn how to fight against different kinds of germs. Another quality of this app is that you can also play it in the non-VR format just by holding down your finger.

Mino Starfighter VR:
It is almost impossible for you to complete virtual reality without the space shoot. The best android app which is providing the facility of space shoot is the Mino Starfighter VR. This app is providing the visual spectacle to you and while playing this game, you will feel that you are changed into a space fighter pilot. As a space pilot fighter, you are fighting against the enemies in different space environments. The most important quality of this app is that the use of graphics and sounds in this app is mind-blowing. This app is easily available on the Google Play Store. If you want to download this app, you will have to pay $1.

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