Does A College Graduate Make More Money?

College Graduate
A graduate is a person who has successfully completed a course of study in his or her academic year. In this argumentative essay, we will argue that college graduate makes more money. If you are unable to write an essay about a college graduate, then you can get help from the professional writers of dissertation writing services. It is considered that college graduate makes more money in his or her life.

We have heard stories that most people drop out of college in order to gain money. Many groups like Zuckerberg Michael Dell give the manacles of higher learning and start making money in the business. All these examples lead people to think that college education is not essential. In fact, many graduate face difficulties to find a suitable job in the field of study. This can lead people to believe that obtaining a degree does not guarantee a higher paying job. However, it is most important that college education is very essential for all the persons in order to gain success in life.

According to the modern research, 45% of the graduates are working in a “non-college “job. It means that a job is not essential for the college person. Most people think that they can get a better job without a degree. These entire 45% people are working and getting highly-paying jobs. Joblessness of youthful graduates is extremely nowadays, because, most young men are affected by a lower level of education. A college graduate is able to do work in his or her life, therefore, he considered that college should be dropped in order to make more money. It is a very common problem in well-known countries.

In fact, the amount of money made by college graduates is different from business to business. It is very common that a graduate can demand a high salary, because, he possesses a high degree from a well-known university. It can collision the salaries of many people. It is most important to keep in mind that education is most important. It is very clear that the average of the money is worthwhile, because, college graduate make a lot of money than non-graduate. A graduate’s starting salary is very high, because, it depends on a variety of factors. In this essay, we can claim that education is most important than money. We can argue that a college graduate makes money more than non-graduate.

The degree of graduation is very beneficial for all the persons, because, it opens a new horizon to make money and your future. Most people want to get the degree of graduation, because, it is very important and worthy for all the persons. The industry in which you work play plays an important role in your money. However, a graduate who does not have an internship in or job experience can make money and can build his future. It is very beneficial for all human beings to get an education in order to gain success in life.

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