How To Choose a Country And Analyze Their Policies On Discrimination

If we take an analysis of the different people in a specific country, then we come to know that the different people in a country are divided into different groups on the basis of their races, ages, and genders. If there are some prejudicial treatments with the people of these different groups, then this thing is known as the discrimination. If you are not able to analyze the policies of a specific country on discrimination, then you can get help from the academic writing services. Its reason is that to choose a country and analyze its policies on discrimination is not an easy task for a student. The best tips in this regard are given below;

1) Organizational commitment

First of all, you should try to get an idea about the organizational commitment of a country. The organizational commitment of a country should be clear. Its reason is that it provides us with some respects for the human rights and it is also helpful for us to get an idea about the fostering of equality in the society. Moreover, with the help of the organizational commitment, you will also be able to get an idea that whether the environment of a country is free from the discrimination and harassment or not.

2) Understand the objectives of that policy

You should try to take a brief overview of the main objectives of that policy. The main objectives of that policy should be based on the promotion of the human right in the society. There should be no chance of harassment and discrimination in the society. There are two main objectives of that policy. First of all, all the members of the society should be aware of that fact that all the harassment and discrimination acts can’t be accepted in a society. In the second, the members of society should set the offensive behavior in the society.

3) Applying the policy

To make a policy against the harassment and discrimination is not enough for a country. After making the policy, it is also necessary for a country to apply it in the society in order to provide the equal rights to all the members of the society. For this reason, you should take a review of the team that is assigned to apply that policy. You should also try to know that the staff of the team that is going to apply that policy is temporary, permanent, casual or volunteers. Moreover, it is also necessary for you to get an idea that whether the staff is protected by the co-workers in order to apply that policy or not.

4) Make a list to explain the projected goals

There are five parts of the society where the Human Rights Code doesn’t allow to apply the discrimination. First of all, there comes the employment. In the second, there come the housing facilities, In the third, there come the different services of the members of the society. Fourthly, there comes the contracts and membership within the field of the trade. At last, there comes the different kinds of the vocational as well as professional associations.

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